Little Sweet Pea Cookies and Milk

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"After my baby suffered a devastating stroke and was unable to nurse by mouth anymore, I ended up losing my milk almost entirely due to stress. Pumping alone did not help, but I am so thankful to have found Becca’s lactation goodies as they made such a huge difference. I am now able to supplement breastmilk through his feeding tube, and I have also connected with other mothers through the “Cookies and Milk” Facebook support group that have donated milk to my baby while I was building my supply back up. I cannot thank Becca enough for helping me save my baby’s life one drop at a time through her delicious and affordable lactation treats."   ~Katie


I found out about you and the lactation goodies from a friend who has been ordering goodies from you for awhile. The goodies have not only helped me produce more milk, especially during those growth spurts but they also improved the nutrition. They’ve been an absolute blessing! I’ve tried a variety of goodies but my favorites are definitely the pecan pie muffins, it’s a quick, easy, one handed breakfast for me! Also the group is so supportive, if I feel like I’m unsure of something I’m incredibly comfortable asking for advice without feeling judgement. It’s an amazing group of women/ mamas!  ~Sarah




I first heard about Becca’s lactation goodies through her Facebook group while I was pregnant. Thanks to her treats my daughter and I have had a very successful breastfeeding journey, going on 17 months. My first Christmas nursing I found out the hard way that peppermint severely affected my supply. Within two days of eating Becca’s treats my supply was right back up to where it needed to be and then some. My favorites are her oatmeal cookies and brownies because they taste delicious fresh and frozen! ~Meredith


I found out about Becca's lactation treats through neighbors and friends. Being a working mom and striving to EBF as long as possible, these treats have been such a tremendous help and add extra up to 4 oz to my supply. Her pecan pie muffins are my absolute favorite. I am lucky to be a part of such amazing, supportive mom group who continue to encourage and empower each other. ~Jane