Little Sweet Pea Cookies and Milk



What makes the items 'lactation'?

Oats, flax and brewers yeast are included in the baked goods to help stimulate milk production.

How many should I eat a day?

I typically suggest you start with 2 cookies or 1 muffin or 1 brownie per day and see how that impacts your supply. Make sure to drink lots of water, adding a pumping session and lots of skin to skin with baby could also help your supply.  

How long until I will notice a difference?

Most moms see an increase within 2-3 days. Some are shorter and some are a few days more.

How much will they increase my supply?

Everyone is different. Some moms have been able to pump double what they were before and some moms that don't pump, say they feel more full.

Do you have any dairy free options?  

Having to give up dairy for a year while nursing my son, it is very important to offer dairy free options.  All baked goods are dairy free if dairy free chocolate chips are selected on items that include chocolate chips.  

Do you have any non-lactation items?  

Any item on the menu can be made non-lactation.  I simply leave out the brewers yeast, flax and typically oats.  Some cookies need oats included to maintain delicious texture.  

How do I join the support group?  

We have a great group of supportive and encouraging mamas and would love for you to join us!  You can request to join here:

Do you offer any gluten free items?  

While I have a delicious gluten free chocolate chip cookie recipe, I am not a gluten free kitchen.  Please contact me if you would like to discuss options.  

Where are you located and where are the items baked?  

My baked goods ship from Vacaville, CA.  I have my CFO license to bake items sold locally in my home kitchen.  Additionally, I have a shipping license and the items shipped must be baked in a commercial kitchen.    

How long does it take for my order to be filled?  

I am able to fill most orders within 2-3 business days and you will receive email confirmation, tracking number, etc once I have fulfilled your order.  

Do you ship within the US?

Yes ma'am!  I ship via USPS medium priority flat rate shipping box which is $14.  The box holds up to 4-5 dozen items and arrives within 2-3 days. I ship at the beginning of the week so packages are not held up in the PO over the weekend.  Shipping friendly items include Chocolate Chip Cookies, Oatmeal Raisin cookies, Craisin cookies, Chocolate Chocolate Chip cookies, Lemon Poppyseed cookies, Gingersnap cookies, Brownies and Pecan Pie muffins.  

Can I freeze the goodies?

Yes, you can freeze any of the goodies and defrost as you want to eat them.  


*Information on this site should not be considered as a substitute for advice from a healthcare professional.   Please contact your healthcare provider if you have concerns regarding yourself/baby.  

*Little Sweet Pea Cookies & Milk offers products baked goods that contain nuts. I cannot guarantee the absence of cross‐contamination in my baked foods.