Little Sweet Pea Cookies and Milk


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Hi! My name is Becca McCarthy, the baker behind ‘Cookies & Milk’. My husband and I have 3 little ones each exactly 2 years apart. Because of how long we nursed, I was pregnant and/or breastfeeding for 5 years straight! Each child was a different journey and we had to overcome a few challenges (tongue ties, giving up dairy, breathing issues while nursing, pumping while working, etc) but I wouldn’t trade the experiences for anything.

I started baking lactation cookies almost 3 years ago to help a friend who was struggling with her supply and became a certified food operator (CFO). Little Sweet Pea Cookies & Milk offers handmade (and dairy free) lactation cookies, muffins, brownies and more!  These delicious baked goods include oats, flax and brewers yeast to help stimulate the milk supply.  

Additionally, I realized how many moms are seeking support and started a Facebook group. We now have over 850 wonderful and encouraging moms supporting each other. In an effort to reach more breastfeeding moms, I obtained a license to ship my baked goods throughout the country. I thoroughly enjoy supporting and encouraging moms.

Last year, I completed my lactation educator counselor training and this year, I am continuing to pursue a certification to be a lactation consultant. With additional training, there is great opportunity to further help and encourage moms and their babies with any breastfeeding issues they are experiencing. I look forward to joining lactation counseling with baked goods in order to expand my ability to bless moms. It has been a pleasure to be a small part of moms’ breastfeeding adventures.

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